A Pilgrimage from the Past to the Present

A pilgrimage from the past to the present
Islam, a religion of the Muslims, is the fastest growing religion in the world with approximately 1.3 billion followers and growing. That is over one fifth of the world’s population. Islam, which originated from the common Arabic word know as Salaam, means Pease and a Muslim is one who submits to god. The religion teaches that its followers must submit to the will and laws of God to attain true happiness, peace of mind and eternal salvation.
The Prophet Mohammad founded Islam back in 622 CE. The religion descended to deliver God’s final and through the Prophet Mohammad (God’s Messenger) the message was revealed to the people and to the followers of Islam. The strong and powerful belief on one God, the all-mighty, the all-knowing and all-powerful God, became known as Allah. (History of the hajj)
The Muslims do not worship the Prophets as Gods, son of God, or in any divine manner what so ever. The prophets are revered as the messengers of the word of God through time and history and each prophet was sent my God to deliver a message to the people but as things failed God would send another prophet to deliver the message again and start a new revelation on the people to get them to see the right path, the path of God the all mighty.   God has no father no son, no family attributes he is the one and only in the Islamic Faith.
To better understand how the pilgrimage (the Hajj) came along, we need to better understand the Prophet Mohammad’s legacy and his time spent as the messenger of the word of God for the Muslim faith.   Mohammad would go to a cave in the mountains in Mecca and he would fast and had periods of contemplation. It was there that the Angel Gabriel appeared to the prophet for the first time, The Devine word of God was revealed to him in a series of 23 years. Mohammad, who memorized and compiled this information, passed it on to his followers, and companions. The divine revelations were memorized and compiled...