A New Kind of Dreaming - Anthony Eaton - Novel Paper

‘A New Kind of Dreaming’, written by Anthony Eaton, is a young adult fiction novel. It is a story of a teenage boy’s journey, to reveal a town buried full of mysterious pasts, stories and secrets. The author, Anthony Eaton, explores the ways of adolescent transitions through a main character named Jamie Riley. Jamie Riley is on a search for identity that also brings ‘tricky’ situations to justice in the dry, dusty and isolated town of Port Barren. Jamie did mature in the novel as a passive character to a genuine protagonist.
Jamie first shows signs of maturing when he learns about the murky pasts and secrets of Port Barren. In the pub scene with an intoxicated constable, Mike McPherson, Jamie questions the cop about his past although Jamie ends up being warned. “The last thing you want is answers. Trust me. You wanna end up dead?,” (p.108). This shows Jamie is concerned about bringing justice and for other people that live in the town. He also tries to understand the meaning behind McPherson’s words spoken to him. When Jamie befriends with Cameron at the boat, they attempt at figuring out the theory of being absorbed into a place full of energy and power, as experienced when Jamie first wandered upon the boat. Cameron explained his theory of eeriness in the town,“...Anywhere that people have been through a lot of pain there’s a really potent build-up of energy,” (p.120).

Jamie’s friendship with Cameron developed empathy towards others. The relationship he also developed with Archie grew to an extent, had also affected Jamie changing him from a selfish and obnoxious teenager to a compassionate and faithful friend. This also affected Jamie in a way of aiming himself in a position that would undertake roles such as bringing Butcher to justice and bringing peace to the dead immigrant girl. “….They search for a new place to belong. Sooner or later though, they all seem to come to Port Barren”, (p. 125). Jamie tries to understand the meaning behind Archie’s words,...