American Dream

In 1492, Columbus discovered America in hopes that he and many others would find freedom and a land to call their own.   The American dream has changed over many decades, but much of the dream managed to stay the same.   The reason for the present changes is because of the diversity of cultures in America along with changes in the economy.   In 1492 having the biggest car or greenest lawn was not a concern.   The ultimate American dream was to live a rich, long, and happy life.  
In the generation in which most Americans, grandparents were growing up, the   American dream was slightly different from today.   The generation that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s were the freedom fighters and peace makers.   This generation fought for the country to come together as one and preserve American rights.   The generation of the 60’s and 70’s dream was for there to be peace, freedom, happiness, and love.   In this era the country was at war with Vietnam and itself, which is the reason why this generation   dreamed of peace and love.   During this time Blacks were also still struggling to obtain civil rights.   While blacks were trying to attain freedom the whole country wanted their dream of true freedom and constitutional rights.   Happiness is also what all Americans dreamed of achieving.   All these dreams that Americans had were reflected in what was happening in that time period.
During the 80’s and 90’s this new generation had dreams similar to the Americans of today.   Their generation’s dreams were to make it to college,   own their home, be their own boss, and be happy.   This generation essentially wanted to exceed the previous generation as far as education and self improvement.   The previous generation opened many doors and as a result there were more opportunities available.   The new generation realized this and took advantage of it.   Many people wanted to graduate from college and be self-employed.   Since people wanted to continue their education, the college graduate rate...