A Doll's House

A Doll’s House Essay

In this play “A Doll’s House”, written by Henrik Ibsen, Nora, the main character of the play, had decided to leave her husband, her children, and also her home in order to find herself. About 8 years ago, she had borrow around $50,000 in order to take a year trip to Italy in order for her husband to get better, yet he did not know that he was this sick. He thought she had gotten it from her just pasted away father, but instead she had borrowed it from a banker named Krogstad. The problem about that is, Mr. Helmer does not like borrowing money ever, he thinks it is wrong to build a house full of debt, so she had to get her fathers signature but did not because he was sick and so she did not want to bother him. So she had to forge her father’s signature in order to get the money.
This decision of hers has made her lie constantly to everyone, especially her husband. After her husband got better and they came home, Mr. Helmer got a job as vice president of a local bank. One of the lower level position bankers who lend the money to Nora is fighting to not get fired by Mr. Helmer who can not stand him because he had committed forgery a long time ago, and got off it in court and so Mr. Helmer does not respect him. So Krogstad threatens Nora to influence her husband to not fire him, or else he will tell Mr. Helmer that she borrowed the money for the trip, as well as forge her father’s signature in order to borrow the money. So she tries to get him not to fire Krogstad but it does not work. So he sends a letter tell Mr. Helmer all about Nora borrowing the money and forging her father’s signature.  
Nora thought the miracle of miracles would happen which is she thought that once he her husband found out that she had committed forgery and had borrowed money, which he is extremely strong against, he would stand up for her and take all the blame for himself. So when he found out about it from the letter, he told her that she was a hypocrite, liar,...