3am Essay Creative

Staff sergeant screams
“Wake up! Prepare for takeoff”
I inhale the stench of fuel as it pumps into the planes. Nauseating
Engines Screeching around me. Men clamour onto the planes.
We skirt the drop zone. A green haze enshrouds the cabin. Men vault from the hold. As I hurtle towards the ground through the heavens, the sun illuminates the landscape, dawn breaks. Alpine trees encroach upon me. The ground rises beneath me, I feel the shock as my knee twists and I slump in pain.
“S&%)! My leg!”, I scream in agony.
Gaz calls to me “Coming mate, what’s up Pricey?”
I point at my leg.
He shrugs off his bag and crouches down beside me. Gaz looks up as if he sees something and scans the surrounds. He reaches for a stick and straps it to my leg.
He helps me up. I put my weight on my injured leg. I reach down and grab it as a searing pain shudders through my leg. I grit my teeth and reach for my rifle.
“Your leg holding up fine mate?” Gaz asks.
“It still hurts but ill be ok, let’s move” I say.
As I move up the hill I hear a bone shattering scream. A dove flutters and fly’s off towards the sun. Shocked I move towards the sound. It comes from a large red barn on the outskirts of a small village. I walk towards it and a pungent smell of burnt flesh wafts towards me.
“What the hell is that? What have they been doing here?” Gaz murmurs.
“Well, we better check it out I guess, you first” I whisper back
He grunts and moves to the door.
“You can get it open then mate” Gaz whispers sarcastically.
I kick it with my leg, a searing pain fills it and I collapse to the ground.
“What happened?” Gaz shouts.
“Wrong leg!” I scream.
“You ok?” Gaz shouts.
“Well you gotta carry me now, I can’t be stuffed” I scream back.
I haul myself up and limp into the barn after Gaz.
I walk in and see what he is seeing. There is an old man with a piece of a cow on a fire barbequing. I slowly creep back out the door trying not to make the man aware of our presence. He just keeps...