Ib Creative Essay; Antigone

Creative Essay
Statement of Intent:
My creative essay is a monologue where Polynices expresses his thought of what is happening around him, even though he is dead.   According to the Ancient Greek, when a person dies their soul wonders in between two worlds; the underworld and the human world. A soul will continue to wonder until he or she is given proper burial rites. Funeral rituals were normally conducted by women, and in most cases relatives of the decease played a major part.   In my creative piece I have altered the Greek belief that his soul is lost in between two worlds, but instead stays on the earth as a lost soul and is able to witness major scenes in the play Antigone. The other characters are completely oblivious of his presence. Through out his monologue Polynices is commenting on the other characters actions. I added some scenes to the original plot, specifically when Antigone attempts to bury his body.   Due to Polynices’s absence in the play, I have developed him from my own imagination.   Originally, the language used in Antigone is formal, but for this monologue Pollynices speaks with informal phraseology. I used quotes from the Antigone to link his monologue to the play and make sure it follows a chronological order. The monologue comments on the quotes and demonstrates my knowledge of the play and of Greek society.
Polynices: “ Oh Zues! what has happened to me? I am now dead. My soul, a lone wonderer. I roam around the city of Thebes   listening to the citizens talk, trying to grasp any knowledge of my death. Alas, I hear my sister Antigone. As I get closer to her I start to hear her alarmed voice: “...Our own brother’’s burial! Hasn’t Creon graced one with all the rites, disgraced the other? Eteocles, they say, has been given full military honors, rightly so- Creon has laid him in the earth and he goes with glory among the dead. But the body of Polynices, who died miserably why, a city wide proclamation, rumor has it, forbids anyone to bury...