3 Stories

In each story there is a different point of view. The author in every story shows you what they think is important by giving you a certain point of view. The next couple of paragraphs I will discussion about three passages that I read in class and explain the author’s point of view.
The first passage we read The Jacket by Gary Soto was about a young adolescent boy who was put in an unpleasant position having to wear an ugly green jacket his mom had bought him after he had asked her for “something like bikers wear, black leather and silver studs with enough belts”. He found this jacket so ugly and big and what made him even more upset was the fact that he knew he would have to wear it for a long time before he would be able to get a new one because he couldn’t afford it.   He ended up wearing the jacket which in this case the narrator stated was bringing him bad luck because he began getting C’s and D’s on his quizzes, the teachers to gossip about him and laugh about the jacket. As time went by the boy began to get upset and angry and blame his mom for her bad taste and cheap ways. He then began growing out of the jacket that he had to scotch tape it close. The author’s point of view in this story was that the families lack of money which was the reason he had to last so long wearing that jacket.
In the passage Vinnie’s Jacket by Anna Nussbaum a girl’s best friend passed away right before graduation because he took too much painkillers and that had caused his heart to stop. The girl was very sad because of her best friend’s death and didn’t know how she would move on without him. Vinnie was the person that she could be herself with she really didn’t focus on why he had died only on their friendship and how one friendship taught her about loyalty and laughter and carried her from one road to the next. Before her best friend had passed away he had let her borrow one of his jackets. When she wore this jacket it made her feel safe, loved and cool they way he made her...