3 Key Concepts to Learn Piano

3 Key Concepts To Learn Any Song By Ear Fast & Easy

Hello my name is Desmond LeVox and I am the songwriter, producer, and pianist for Youth In Revolt Movement. Often times when we play out at different churches I have had many people ask for lessons, with time restraints and different other issues I’m not able to give personal lesson to everyone. So to remedy this I decided to put this short ebook together so that when someone ask for lesson and I’m unable they at least have something to work with. I understand as a musician what it means to be stuck at a certain level and not be able to progress. I wish I had this knowledge years ago because it would have shortened the time it takes to learn in half. If you want to join the worship team at your church you love to play the piano and don’t know where to start here is where it begins. After devouring this information and PRACTICING! You should be able to play most worship songs in any key. Now it won’t be overnight success but these three concepts will get you playing in no time if you put in the work! Hope this helps be blessed and stay fresh~

You have full permission to spread this ebook by email, print as many copies as you’d like and mail it or whatever other way you think to get it to someone you think can use this information FREE of charge!

Let’s jump right into it!

The # 1 question people ask me after hearing me play the keyboard at their church is,

“What can I do to become a better keyboard player by ear?”

The # 2 question is; “Can you give me lessons?”

In this ebook I’ll give my best effort in explaining in my opinion what the three most important concepts to playing the keyboard by ear are for beginners. And if you’re not a beginner the information in here may help you as well. If you are advanced than this piece of information may not be for you although you can always learn something new if you search for it!

Concept #1

“Scales are the...