The Broadway Cafe


The Broadway Cafe
Angela Kennedy
Strayer University
Information Systems for Decision Making
CIS 500
Dr. Wei Huang

The Broadway Café

Networks, Telecommunication and Wireless Computing
The Café would like to broaden its horizons and offer mobile coupons.   M-coupons are instant redemption coupons that customers receive while either walking by the Café or by (or within a 25 foot radius of the café) a coupon for a dollar off a latte or a 15 percent discount on an order sent to their mobile device.   To redeem the coupon all the customer has to do is present the cell phone so that the offer can be downloaded (Cohesion Case, 2010).  
M-coupons are better than traditional coupons because they are readily available for customers to use; the offers are stored on their cell phones, most customers always have the phone, the coupon is available to redeem.   This method of marketing increases the customer base and redemptions rate of the m-coupons over the traditional coupons since printed coupons are easy to forget or lose.    
Since m-coupons are internet based, the same risks that would apply to e-businesses marketing would apply to mobile marketing.   Mobile marketing is relatively new to businesses; therefore, protocols, privacy policies, disclosures, SPAM blocks and other security features would have to be revamped to fit the new mobile commerce.
The café could benefit from collecting and tracking response rates of m-coupons and use it to generate information about the customer.   Analysis information that could be gathered would consist of cluster analysis and statistical analysis.
Custer analysis would be beneficial for m-coupons since it would market to regular customer’s items that they normally buy and one-time customer specials of the day.  
Statistical analysis performs such functions as information correlations, distributions, calculations and variance analysis.   Analyzed m-coupons in this area would generate...