Unit 3-4 Journals.

Proper posture
I’m one of those people that doesn’t really pay attention to my posture but I would say when standing up I have good posture I don’t slouch or anything. So while I was doing insanity this week I tried to consider my posture when completing the exercises but the trainer on the video is doing the exercises so you just find yourself completely copying them.
A few tips I could use for when I’m sat at my computer or on the couch could be to sit up straight and that could help improve my posture in the long run instead of slouching or laying in a big ball. From now on I shall try and put my posture into consideration more frequently.

Warm Up and Cool Down
Do you generally warm up and cool down when exercising? Yes of course I do as I do not want to pull any muscles especially playing soccer as it is a 90 minute sport going for that period of time really tires your muscles and could make you prone to injuries. In my typical warm up we go a quick jog followed by a few cone exercises and then a group stretch then onto possession and then shooting drills then another slow jog and stretch.
My typical cool down for soccer it a slow jog around the field for 2-3 minutes and then slowly make my way into a stretch making sure I stretch out my whole body carefully and properly so that I do no cause myself any unwanted injuries that could leave my sidelined.

Exercise Safety
When exercising I like to make sure I have all the correct equipment I need to complete this physical activity like for soccer I need my cleats and shin guards and these are needed to protect my legs and feet. Also before starting my physical activity I take part in a little 5-10 minute warm up that would include stretches and a little jog maybe and also take a 5-10 minute cool down once I have finished with my physical activity.
You should often check your heart rate to make sure you are not overdoing yourself because this could also lead to some serious injuries....