206 Qcf

Unit: 206

When we work with a client we enter into a professional relationship phase with the client as we are often working closely with them in very private and personal information and scenarios such as personal care or if working with clients who have suffered from any form of abuse it is important to maintain a professional relationship throughout to protect yourself and the client. A professional relationship or working relationship is not based on friendship with the client but is based on a professional level as outlined by the job description for your role as a health care assistant. By doing this we create a fair and impartial care package for all service users in our care by not doing this there is more chance of favouritism and unfair treatment of others.   There are tools in place to protect staff and clients from this happening such as personal boundaries policy, support worker code of conduct (and any code of conduct surrounding other health care professionals such as NMC code of conduct for nurses)

There are lots of different roles when we discuss working relationships for both our clients and ourselves as staff members these could include: managers, working colleagues, nurse, doctor, occupational therapist, speech and language therapists, school teachers, family and friends and other clients. You will on meeting these various individuals through working and making connections develop various types of relationships for example you may have a less formal relationship with a work colleague than a clients care coordinator for example however you must always maintain a professional boundaries and conduct yourself in a professional manner as to show your professionalism and represent the company you are for in a positive light.

When starting a job or applying you are issued with a specific job role for example when getting my current job I was given to job scope for a health care assistant this allowed me to understand what was expected of me in...