1st Day as a Trainee Teacher

This semester School Based Experience organized in SK. ST. Joseph Tombongon, Tuaran. I’ am Raymie Johnny with my partner Ag. Bahrum Ag. Jual, went to SK. Tombongon just in four day of the week. It is because Tuesday is a holiday time in honor of Independence Day.
Sk. Tombongon is a rural area school which is located in Tuaran and it’s take 30 minutes from Kent College Teacher’s training Institute. Even though the school is a rural area school, the equipments such as classes, teacher’s room, canteen and others is well prepared. There were only 143 students and 19 teachers. In that case, there was only one class for each year.
SBE’s task in this semester is about English Lesson Observation which requires me to do observation of English Language teacher in their English lesson. In this school, there were only two English teachers. In order to start the task, I and my partner Ag. Bahrum have chosen one teacher who teaches Year 4 and Year 5 class, Mrs Mariana.
1st day of the week, Monday, I and Ag. Bahrum went to teachers’ room to meet Mrs. Mariana and ask her permission. Before that, we have explained about our task for School Based Experience. Thank God, Mrs. Mariana is a good English teacher because she has allowed us to observe her lesson. Mrs. Mariana also gave the best cooperation with allowing us to be in her class during lesson. Besides, she has prepared anything we need such as a lesson plan, sample of remedial and enrichment activities, and yearly lesson plan.
In order to complete the observation task for day 1 and day 2, I have done it in day 3 and day 4.