1863 Year of Decision


General Joseph Hooker (Union Forces)
so I did 1863 Year of Decision where in early 1963 General Joseph Hooker was commanding the Army of the Potomac (he takes part of his army across the river above Fredericksburg towards General Lee's Army.   At the last minute he puts his army into a defensive position in a camouflaged area surrounded with brush and scrub trees which is also known as the Wilderness.   So General Lee divided his army into two to attack from two different sides.   This conflict was also known as the Battle of Chancellorsville, during May 1-5th so Stonewall Jackson attacked the right side and General Lee attacked the front and General Hooker barely escaped.   Jackson was fatally wounded and he was General Lee's best officer.

The Union forces were suffering in the East, but in the West they had some important victories.   Ulysses S. Grant made a bold move and he basically attacked Vicksburg from the rear and six weeks later out of starvation the people of Vicksburg surrendered.   Another Confederate stronghold Port Hudson, Louisiana also surrendered to a Union force that moved from New Orleans.   These important victory split the Confederacy in two with Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas cut off from the other seceded states.   These victories on the Missisippi were one of the turning points of the war.

In June of 1863 General Lee proposed invading Pensyllvania to divert Union troops North, and maybe if he won England and France might aid the confederacy.   The Union Army of the Potomac now commanded by George C. Meade after June 28th moved north to encounter Lee's army in Gettysburg, Pensyllvania.   This was one of the most celebrated battles of the war July 1-3rd .   Meade's army had an advantage because they had a well protected position on the hills, south of Gettysburg.   Lee attacked first and failed, the next day he ordered 15,000 troops which was known as Pickett's Charge but they were picked off one by one by Union forces,...