1.1 Understanding the Principles and Practice of Assessment

Unit 301
Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development

Assessment is the evaluation of quality, or ability of someone in gaining information via giving feedback or setting objectives to extract evaluation. Through this assessment, one is able to evaluate and facilitate participation through discussions, questions and exercises. Whilst looking at areas to improve or issues that may need to be addressed immediately or in the near future. Assessment requires estimations and evolutions in order to improve and learn.

    • Initial assessment - This assessment should take place before a learner is referred to a training session, to identify the learners requirements or needs they may have. During the registration of the learner here in reed in partnership the advisor sets up the BSKB literacy and numeracy paper based assessment to determine the learners strengths and weakness. At this point the learner would be assed to see how well they written skills are as well as how they would calculate their answers using a paper based assessment. The results are then passed over to the trainer which allows the trainer to adapt the training as need for that learner. As well as doing a induction with the city and guilds customer service course this process is also carried out by my self as a trainer to determine the leaner’s needs and what support will be needed.   During this initial assessment you can also identify the learners leaning style by completing a small multiple choice questionnaires which give the learner guidance on what there learning style is and also allows the trainer to adapt the training to that style as well as the other styles. , any leaning difficulties or any other further support they may need this will help me as a trainer in my delivery and assessing. As part of the induction I would provide the learners with information regarding the course, assessment criteria. This...