Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

Unit 301 Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

Assessment Criteria 1.1

      The functions of assessing is to start with the initial assessment, this is where we identify if they have any previous experience or knowledge that is relevant to the qualification that they will be assessed on and find out their individual learning style and what support is needed in there learning because everyone absorbs information differently. You can also find this information out from application forms or interviews. The next stage is assessment planning, this will include meeting with your learner about   the outcome of the qualification and what work they need to do to achieve this qualification, as an assessor you would plan target dates for their work assigned to be done,
      The next stage is a continuous monitoring (formative assessment). The methods that can be used, could be assessor led by observations or learner led like writing statements this would allow the leaner and the assessor to plan further learning, this method could also be used at the end of the qualification (summative) where the assessor and learner would have evidence that the leaning has taken place for that particulate unit.
      As an assessor you will have reviewed the learner’s work that was given previously and you will give constructive assessment feedback on what they have achieved this time and what they need to do for next time to progress to the next level. Reviewing the overall progress of your learner can be done at anytime with your learner until they leave the company, this will give you the opportunity to discuss with your learner any issues they have and do they need more support in completing the qualification. The stages are then repeated after every unit until the learner has successfully completed the qualification; this also ensures the learner has a structured learning schedule throughout the qualification.

Assessment Criteria 1.2
A principle of assessment...