1.1 Compare and Contrast the Range and Purpose of Different Forms of

Unit 18

1.1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of  

There are many types of assessments carried out throughout the course of a tenants stay, from when the referral is received right up until when a tenant moves on from the service.
The initial   assessment process will start off holistically , by meeting the potential new service user and assessing them,   parents or care co-ordinator are often involved at this point to share their thoughts. At this stage we discuss what their expectations of the service are and to see whether they are suitable for the support/service they are being referred for, this can be a very effective method of assessment for us, the outcome of this method is that we get a feel of what the individual likes/dislikes and how they would fit in to shared living and adapt to living with others and other service users to not be adversely affected by this individual moving in. If and when this individual where to move in then this method of assessment would again be used when reviewing how the individual is fitting in at our setting, staff members will then be able to put into a more formal assessment of the individual, such as support plan and risk assessment. These are written forms of assessment. This is a written document which will be adapted to that individuals needs, the service user will be involved in the planning process of these assessments and consulted before the document has been finalised. The purpose of this assessment is to have a plan which identifies what the service user wants to achieve whilst receiving support from our service and how we as a staff team can support them in achieving this.

Both these forms of assessment are essential to our setting, the holistic assessment method lets us assess the individual as a whole. We can assess how they react towards different situations/people at different times of the day, this gives us knowledge of the individual which a written form...