As technology has been developed, we can live more convenient than before; however, wildlife has struggled to survive in the bad environment. So we have to go to a zoo to see certain animals that used to be seen commonly in the past. Although I understand that animals in captivity in zoos are the subject of heated issue , I don’t think that zoos are inhumane and cruel for several reasons.

First, I believe that zoos play important roles to animals in good ways. Although I acknowledge the idea that animals have natural rights, as an animal lover, I think it is more urgent problem to solve that people protect endangered species. As the more land has been cleared, the less habitats animals have had. As you know, some species have extinct already. I think it is responsible for protecting them and the main purpose of zoos is that. In zoos, veterinarians breed endangered animals to keep the number of their population and cure them when they are in bad physical and emotional condition.

Secondly, I think zoos can help us to better understand animals. We can learn their feeding, breeding habits from the information presented in zoos and we have a chance to see them in person not in the screen or books. For example, in the past, people used to raise some domestic animals like pigs and cows. But now, children can’t see them without going to a zoo. Also students can learn about the value of the wildlife in a zoo where animals are well fed and looked after by experts. I, too, thought about majoring in zoology in college after having been fascinated with the animals’ behavior in the zoo. And also I have realized the importance of zoologist and people who take care of animals in a zoo. In addition, we can see a wide variety of animals that we don’t get to see in our daily lives and country.

As an animal lover, I can totally understand how cruel to keep animals in captivity is. However, I believe humans are responsible for protecting them from extinction. And when we try...