Zoo Keeper Should Read

Question 1

When everyone started to talk about preservation of endangered animals, one of the ideas which crept up in our mind is the breeding program under captivation. Some breeding programs in zoos are so successful that they often produce surplus animals that cannot be released into wild because no native habitat remains. Plans to euthanize surplus animals raise storms of protest from animal lovers.

If I were in charge of a zoo, which conduct this program, I would build an animal conservation centre. The excess animals from the zoo are kept there. I would also suggest the animal lovers to fund for the centre. They also could work as apprentice in the centre. Animals here would treated more friendly. A jungle environment would be also built inside these centres in order to make the animals feel native habitat environment.

Then, I also would send these animals to other zoos around the world. Some zoos would tat animals yet, so this will also increase their profit. Moreover, I also will increase my zoo capacity into in order to keep some of these animals. Government should give some funds for the zoos to make sure all the animals gets proper accommodation.

Fourthly, I will conduct a conduct a conference about this problem. Public and expert would be invited to this conference to give their point of view about this program. I would also assign some animal lovers to do survey about this problem at public. I will suggest the government to open more reserved jungle o keep these animals.

These actions should be begin quickly as possible in order to ovoid animal conjunction. More animals would die because of competition between them.   So, I will highlight this issue by media to get more people attention on this problem.