Zara Business Report

Preliminary   Course   Business Studies
Mariah   Taleb Yr 11
Teacher:   Sheralee Clark
Write a   1200 word   research   report   analysing   and evaluating   the   expansion of   a global business   into Australia

International   Business   ZARA
Executive Summary
Zara is the leader fashion brand, of the Spanish   Group Inditex   -   the biggest fashion retailer   chain in the world –founded by CEO Amancio   Ortega,   The brand offers   excellent     quality   designs   copied from high fashion designers at average market   price.   Zara’s   Mission is   committed   to satisfy   the desires   of its customers through continuous innovation   in order to improve their shopping experience.   Zara promises   to   provide   customers   with   new and affordable   designs following the latest fashion trends (Inditex   Annual   Report) Zara has captured   the public’s   attention due to   its efficient   and unique   business   structure   and turn   around efficiency.   The first   Zara   Store   was open in Spain in 1975,   and since   then   it has experienced   a strong national   and international   expansion.   Currently Zara   has   1,603   stores in   77 different   countries worldwide   including Australia. It has achieved   success   and   a competitive   advantage   by employing a particular   vertical business   structure. In addition, Zara has   revolutionized   the fashion industry   with a “fast fashion”   strategy,   adapting   merchandise assortments   to current   trends as quickly   as possible   and bringing   affordable   ultrafashionable   items to the masses (Inditex Annual Report;   Zara’s values are based on freedom, perfectionism, responsibility, rapidness, flexibility and respect to   others and to its   management   team (Craig, 2004) .   Louis Vuiton’s fashion   director Daniel   Pietter has referred   to Zara as, “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.”   (Michael Hughes Director of   Brand Strategy)

Zara’s   Organisational   Structure
The Inditex Group   is made up   of...