Business Report

OrotonGroup Business Report
Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to inform the Directors of the OrotonGroup on their situation as a business.
In order to do this, the following key areas will be covered:
Skills of an effective manager.
Changes in the external environment that have affected the OrotonGroup
An appropriate strategy that OrotonGroup may use to effectively manage the future growth of its brands.
Changes to OrotonGroup since 2002 and how changes have been managed.

Skills Of An Effective Manager
An effective manager should possess many skills in order to successfully manage their business. Managers should possess the ability to be flexible and adapt to changes in the market. They must be proactive in their approach to change, because the market is highly competitive and market and consumer trends are constantly changing especially in the fashion industry. They should also possess visionary skills. To have a direction in which their business is heading towards. Vision is essential, for without it the business is without guidance and therefore have no sense of cooperation and commitment which makes achieving goals impossible. Managers should also have people skills, so they can effectively communicate with other people and understand their needs. This includes the ability to communicate the goals of the business and motivate, lead and inspire everyone associated with the business.

Changes In The External Environment
OrotonGroup has seen countless changes in the environment around them affecting the overall running of the business. The fashion industry has an increasing amount of competitors across the retail market including Gucci, Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace and Country Road which have affected sales.
Economic influences have also seen change in OrotonGroup. Fluctuations in the level of economic activity in Australia and in countries supplying OrotonGroup with products have directly affected sales.   Periods experiencing...