Youth Recreation

Recreational leader

To work as a recreation leader is to work with people of different ages. Many jobs in the local recreational activities for young people are open enterprises, but there are also recreation leaders that are communal and within the care and in schools. The opening activity is mostly to leisure centres, but can also occur in other activities. This activity is characterized inter alia by the fact that there is a place for young people where they are allowed to "just be" The tasks are very diverse ranging from acting as an attending adult, aid in the maturity process and encourage and support young people into taking up various projects and be a guide in the community.

A good recreation leader is often a person who is good at listening and at the same time building relationships. Active recreation leaders often describe their profession as an independent, flexible, responsible and above all FUN.

Places where they work are called recreation centres or youth centres. A communal recreation centre can be driven and owned, or be driven by associations or churches. A precursor was Hemgården. One of the aims of youth clubs is that they should be accessible to all ages.

The very first one in Sweden, Birkagården, was founded in 1912 by Nathanael Beskow and Ebba Pauli.


Recreational Leadership training is a two year education for those who want to work with people. It is aimed at professionals working in communal recreation, schools, institutions, organizations and associations. Job opportunities are good. The training is available only in folk high school, whose freedom and operation gives you many opportunities, both in training and for the future. Going on folk high school is being with people, learn from others experiences, work independently or in groups and thus grow together. Popular education pedagogy is a good base for leisure management profession.

But even if going through this education there are multiple areas of...