Youth for Change

Youth for Change
The world’s youth is getting more and more involved with causes and movements it believes in, trying to make a difference to the world we live in. The last few years have seen a spurt of movements in India and across the world where young people took up a cause strongly. We give you some of the causes that young people have been involved in, taking a stand when it matters most, proving to the world that it’s not just the “now” that interests them, but “tomorrow” and campaigns for a greener world, awareness about corruption, messages of global brotherhood and peace and the necessity a better education system in India. Here are few examples:
Jaago Re campaign
The Jaago Re campaign by Tata Tea invited India’s 1 billion citizens to wake up and smell the tea – in other words, to exercise their right to vote. The campaign urged voters to “Be a part of the change you want to see”. This was a private campaign launched in September 2008 in partnership with Janaagraha, a Bangalore-based NGO, and saw heavy rotation in various forms of media. Jaago Re pushed the urban youth, urging them to vote in a new government to rid the country of corruption from the roots. This movement gained momentum in early 2009 prior to the Lok Sabha elections. Jaago Re’s future plans include reaching out to rural India as well.
Rahul Gandhi’s youth oriented campaign
Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Congress party, has been constantly pushing for youth involvement in politics. According to him, India’s youth can get an opportunity through Congress organisations and be involved in nation building. During the assembly elections, Rahul asked for a bigger share in ticket allocation for young leaders. Senior party leaders have credited Rahul for UPA’s ‘magnificent performance’ in the elections across the country. They said that the win was the mandate of the Indian youth. Rahul announced earlier that in the next two years, elections will be held in all states and the ‘new army of...