You Should Notice the Maintenance of Sand Washer Bearings

As is known to all, the competition mainly focuses on product quality. With the expansion of the market, there are more and more choices for customers. Therefore, manufacturers must continually improve their strengths to take a place in the intense competition of the market. Fote brand produces have the absolute competitiveness.In the following, we will talk some things anout sand wsaher.

Customers are aware that mining equipment is in need of daily maintenance and care, so the sand washer has no exception. At the same time, we must pay attention to the relative important and wearing parts, and the right maintenance of the bearing is important. Only the regular maintenance can ensure the normal operation of machine. Then, Fote Machinery will introduce the attentive matters of the bearing.

For the lubricating of connected parts and bearings, the special grease or other lubrication products should be used. At the same time, pay attention to adding proper amount of grease every 400 working hours. For the use of bearing, the spindle assembly should be opened to clean the bearing of the sand making machine after working for 2000 hours. The bearing can be replaced after working for more than 6000 hours. Meanwhile, when the equipment is working, the real-time monitoring of bearing temperature and the operations of connecting components must be conducted regularly. In addition, the sand washer should be equipped with the necessary maintenance tools, lubricants and other related accessories.

Of course, no matter it is the bucket wheel sand washing machine or spiral sand washing machine, when it has 400 working hours, moderate amount of grease should be added; when it reaches 2000 hours, open the spindle assemblies of sand washing machine to clean the bearing; if 7200 hours, the bearing must be replaced. The reasonable adjustment can extend the maximum service life of the sand washing machine.

In addition to the above situations, there will be other problems...