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In fact, maintenance of the cone crusher can be divided into: the regular maintenance and minor repairs, repair and overhaul. Cone crusher is usually used 20 years to 25 years. May, in accordance with the first minor repairs a few years, after a long time to holistic repair. Because the working situation of the cone crusher may be full of dust, therefore some users’ maintenance can’t acquire normal demands, some problems would appear during the operation. So pay attention that during the operation of the crushers, the products have to be filled in uniforms and no segregation. If not, china jaw crusher, the performance of the crusher would be low and the power consumption will increase. To choose a better cone crusher, vsi sand maker, you should always remember what your purpose are. For building, construction and sand making, the size and specification of crusher is different. The cone crusher and stone crusher are more durable than the ones in previous ones. The crusher selection principle is to look into the feed size and particle size of the discharge decision into coarse granularity. Also, to choose special coarse or coarse type and vice verse with medium and fine type.When calculating feed size, with open side by multiplying the maximum feed size 0.85 feed as an alternative basis for the size, and the average size of the product is divided by the maximum feed crushing ratio. In order to prevent iron passing the crusher’s cavity, cement mill,  it ought to be furnished with deironing device. Additionally, avoiding spring excessive pressure, all these are to prevent the shaft broken accident. In contrast, the spring pressure can’t be too low either which may cause the coarse of the grain size affecting the normal operation. And make sure that the crusher is loaded under full loads and the ratio in assemble line is distributed reasonably.hydro cone crusher: