Yorkshire Ripper

  * The yorkshire ripper had killed 13 women and badly injured 7 women
  * Peter sutcliffes family was shocked that he was responsilbe of the crimes of the yorkshire ripper
  * Peter was the first son of John and Kathleen SutcliffeHe was born on 2 June 1946 in Bingley, an industrial county of Yorkshire, England
  * Peters parents loved and cared about him alot and they thought he would be exactly like his father, a burly man who loved to watch any type of sport and an extrovert who loved a drink at the local pub. But peter did not turn out like this.
  * Peter was a quiet and shy boy who would prefer to stay indoors and read with his mother that go outside and play sports and rough games with his brothers and sisters
  * When he started secondary school he was bullied by everyone for 2 weeks, he would go to the school loft and read comic books. after the 2 weeks, the teachers took action and his parents was informed
  * Peter left school at the age of 15 with no idea what he wants to do with his life and he would change his jobs reagulary
  * When peter was 20, he was with his friends at the royal standard (a hotel in manningham lane) he met a girl called Sonia Szurma
  * sonia was the second daughter of maria and bodhan szurma, immigrants from Czechoslovakia
  * sonias father wasnt sure about peter but soon saw him as a hard-working man who treated his daughter well
  * In 1974, peter and sonias family kept pressuring them to marry so they did. they married on 10th august, sonias 24th birthday
  * Peter was known to be a hardworking caring husband but when he goes out to get drunk with his brother-in-law, Robin holland, peter would 'brag about his exploits with the prostitutes in the area' while he is still act like the perfects husband at home.
  * Robin thought peter would get abit too dogey and unloyal that robin would refuse to...