How Henry Vii Succeeded During the Yorkshire and Warbeck Revolution

How successful was Henry VII in dealing with challenges to his royal authority in the years 1489 to 1499?
Henry had experienced many other rebellions, to realise that he needed to prepare for any future threats, his sensible approach to dealing with the last two rebellions, affected the outcome significantly and he also had various other tactics and knowledge that also helped Henry succeed during this time. In 1487, just after Henry had won The Battle of Stoke, he made necessary precautions and this was to prevent further disruptions to the throne from occurring. However, revolts still continued to restore Yorkist regime, so Henry’s response stayed firm and in kind.
Unlike Richard III, Henry was very tactical and organised when it came to specific issues. He had to face many difficulties during the Perkin Warbeck Rebellion; one included the betrayal of William Stanley. Henry already knew to keep his distance with the Stanley brother’s as their motives and loyalties were not yet clear. William Stanley – the younger of the two- was the bigger problem; it was general knowledge that William was a Yorkist supporter, prior to the Battle of Bosworth. If Henry did put his trust in him, then he could have been ruined. As well in 1495, Henry had astutely directed the King of Scotland’s attention away from Warbeck; this actually dug Henry out of a big hole, as this meant that Warbeck needed to flee to sanctuary. Through his devious proposal to James IV, he had managed to weaken his enemy; this further led to Warbeck’s capture which had him thrown into the tower and then finally executed in 1499, due to a foolish escape. Henry’s leniency was quickly and continuously taken for granted.
During the Yorkshire rebellion, Henry needed to re-establish royal control, which he managed to achieve, with some help from the Earl of Surrey and a secure force. His army was strong and well-experienced and this helped Henry a great deal, he also received plenty of support from them and this...