Yearly Science Goals

Science Lab

Welcome!   In order to create the best learning environment possible, classroom expectations have been developed for our students and I ask that you and your child read through them carefully together.   Then, parents please complete the student information sheet and sign the last page indicating that you and your child have read and understand these policies as well as the lab safety rules and procedures.

I believe that communication with parents is crucial to a student’s achievement.   For the quickest response, the best way to contact me is by e-mail at Also, questions and comments may be written in your child’s notebook and brought to school and I will get back to you within the day.   Parents, please check your student’s planner daily!  

Our grades will be weighted as follows:
  * Class lab work   40%
  * Homework 10%
  * Projects 25%
  * Assessments 25%

Daily Supplies:

  * Flexible 3 ring binder with paper, 3 dividers and folder.
  * notebook paper in binder.
  *   planner

Classroom Procedures and Work:
At the start of the class period, students are expected to place all school items into the bins lined up along the side wall. The ONLY items brought to the lab table should be the 3 ring binder and lab book. All pens, pencils, and needed equipment will be provided. Our goal is to keep the lab tables free of unnecessary clutter in order to enable a safer and more organized work environment. Students should be seated at their desks quietly, with their required daily supplies, ready to begin their classroom starter work for the first five minutes of class.   All classroom starter work will be completed in a section of the student binder. This work will be graded at random intervals by the teacher and worth a quiz grade. Students should come to class prepared for the day’s lesson every day.   At the end of the class students will spend five minutes cleaning up...