Year of Wondersd

Year Of Wonders characters change through the catastrophic plague as we find out from the conclusion of Geraldine Brooks novel, the protagonist Anna Frith new found physical power and strong mind. Secondly the rector Mompellions loss of faith as a result from the plague and lastly the towns people reaction to the plague as a punishment sent by God and the villages actions to punish those responsible for bringing it.

Anna Frith is firstly portrayed in ‘the spring of 1665’ as a submissive servant working for the Bradfords who has just faced the first tragedy of her life, Sams death. Life still continues as Anna knows she must support her family but she still feels saddened. George Viccars then apperars in Anna’s life only to bring more sadness when the plagues comes and kills him and her children. Leading to Anna’s new strong self she battles many events over her one year of living through the plague. Anna grows stronger only from all the loss during that year. “i’ve tended so many bodies, people i loved and people i barely knew. But sams was the first” pg 8. As the story is written as a circular narrative the reader instantly connects between the first and second chapter the change in Anna from walking through the door before Elizabeth Bradford and being to scared to talk at the Bradford’s dinning table to Ellinor. Ellinor Mompellion also affected Anna’s will in teaching her new languages and together both women forming a strong bond. Ellinors personality changed Anna which in turn also changer her social status. The epilogue shows the reader how Anna could not stay in Eyam anymore as she was no longer a peasant but a middle class lady and her life had changed with all her friends and family dying.

Year of Wonders also explores the loss of a mans faith during the plague. The catastrophe Micheal Mompellion faces during his year as a faithfull man slowly dwindles as seen to the reader as when “ the bible hit the floor with a dull thump”. By seeing the rector...