Against Supreme Court Justices Ten-Year

From local government to the president there is a term limit on the office they hold, but there is no limits for the Supreme Court Justices. There are total of three branches in our goverment; legislative, executive, and judicial branch. In these branches, every member gets elected to office and has an ending term date, basic requirement, and number of terms it can serve, except for judicial branch. Judicial branch or Supreme Court Justice, is the only ones who have no ending term date or term limits and I believe that the justices should have all the requriements and term limits as everyone else who is holding an office.
A problem occurs when the Supreme Court Justices are not willing to chage. With a new society, the government needs to change its system that fits for the new world. Our society changes everyday and with it the government follows. To keep the flow, all government branches should change, not just one but all of the branches. A problem occurs when the judicial branch or Supreme Court Justices are too conservative and when they are not willing to change. It will hurt the people depends on the government to lead them and also to follow them in times of economic expansion and down turns, eventually down grading its country and people.
No life ten-year should be given to Suprme Court Justices or to any other governors. They simply does not deserve a job for life, in fact no one does. The longer someone holds office they will gain more power and influence in the government and someone may try to use their power and influence. Abuse of power and influence will lead to corruption and corruption will lead to unjustice.
As a result, I believe that Supreme Court Justices should not have ten-year. Their offices should be treated like any other offices and it also should have term limits. By having same treatment as other offices the judicial branch will be more active and it may be more willing to change with the society.