Year 12 Visual Arts Essay

This essay question refers to the conceptual framework, specifically the audience and world component. The conceptual framework considers the relationships between the artwork, artist, world and audience in order to form opinions, make judgements and develop an understanding of artworks and the art world in general.
Kathe Kollwitz and Frida Kahlo are artists who... use key words from the question.

Kathe Kollwitz was born on the 8th of July in 1867 and died in 1945. She was a German painter, printmaker and sculptor whose work offered an expressive and often searing account of the human condition, and the tragedy of war, in the first half of the 20th century. Her empathy for the less fortunate, expressed most famously through the graphic means of drawing, etching, lithography and woodcut embraced the victims of poverty, hunger, and war. Initially her work was grounded in naturalism but later took on expressionistic qualities.

Her most tragic work shows grieving parents. Woman with Dead Child is a highly emotional work. The child's head is thrust towards the viewer, so that the audience is fully involved in the drama. The mothers face is hidden. She represents all the women who must face the reality of a dead child. Our sympathies are touched by the way the mother clutches the child, not willing to realise the ties between them, not willing to accept that they are no longer mother and child! In this art work, Kollwitz uses tonal contrast and expressive line work to help create a visual and an emotion impact.

Kollwitz believe that it was her duty to empathise, understand and relate to those who suffered in her world. Kollwitz has stated that her parents provoked her social commitment. It was unusual for a middle-class woman to train as an artist at this time and she rejected the traditional nineteenth century view that women could not be serious artists. In the work, Women with Dead child, 1903 Kollwitz demonstrates her socialist views. Her decision to focus...