Comparative Visual Art Essay

Visual Art 2B
Investigation Task Part B
Sarah Webb

Comparative Art Essay
Del Kathryn Barton and Carrie Ann Baade  
Portraiture art work can be used as a means of defining, or providing insight into who a person is. A portrait looks beyond a simple persona by using certain elements that characterise the subject in the way that artist wishes the audience to perceive them. Contemporary portraiture artists Del Kathryn Barton and Carrie Ann Baade have created pieces that use such a technique within their works.   Although the artist’s styles differ from one another, both seem to incorporate similar ways of emphasizing certain characteristics and adding particular objects that shape their art work.

Del Kathryn Barton’s “Keeper of the Polka Dot’s” is an acrylic, gouache, water colour and pen on polyester canvas, it was produced in 2007 making it a fairly recent piece. This image consists of a young female standing above eye level through the centre of the work.   Various objects float around her in the background that has no sense of depth, these objects include flowers and kittens. The girl herself is staring into the distance and looking upwards, her dress is covered in polka dots and the artist has used pale washed out skin to contrast with patterned clothing and the busy background, which draws our eyes immediately to the girls face making her the focal point of piece. Like the majority of Del Kathryn Barton’s work this is an illustrative and representational piece, unlike Carrie Anne Baade whose work, even though surreal, always looks incredibly life like.
“Death and the Maiden” by Carrie Ann Baade depicts a lady laying down the centre of the art work amongst a bed of leaves, the lady is bare apart from the gloves   on her hands and the collar around her neck. We know she is deceased as the colour of her skin is composition of greys, blues and purples. The bottom of her face looks lifeless whilst the pasted on eyes that cover the upper half of...