Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan

Ye hai Mumbai meri jaan!!

It doesn’t matter at all whether I have been forced out of the bogey (by my fellow commuters) or it was my willingness to jump off from running train, travelling has always been a daunting task for me, especially if you are in Mumbai local.

The city which never sleeps-Mumbai, a satirical way to say that you still find rush in train during festivals. If u are passenger boarding the train from Mira-road to church gate, then you might be finding yourself half crushed till you reach your destination.
In no way I am making an attempt to lampoon aamchi Mumbai’s name, it’s the fact. Sweet and salty, but fact.

There is some kind of rule making thing that one encounters. And if you are a beginner then you are at your own risk. Its just that people are so busy early morning and peak evening time that one may evn be scared to enter the train for which he might have been waiting since 1 or 2 hours.   I was a beginner once in travelling and I still find myself to be a junior traveler.

I am confident to say this that one may even suffocate to death, such is the atrocity of crowd. No hard feelings, but I guess the officials needs to look in this matter as soon as possible. There might be tons of reasons to be scared off while u travel in local trains right from explosion to mishaps, from robbery to local fight. But one thing that sounds ridiculous is to get threatening of being thrown away from train if you raise voice with your seniors. A huge chunk of people may find this piece to be more individualistic but I can assure you that it is the general feeling out here among many such who may be nodding their head in big ‘yes’.

Absolutely it is fun when you travel. Of course there are people who are more then welcoming while you are on your ride. But here I am trying to highlight the common problem which is a best example of inflation in nothing but India’s population.

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