Y180 Tma01

Task One:
  1. (a) Describe what effects the poem has on you.

      I enjoyed reading and analysing this poem, and I feel it is a very emotional, descriptive and harrowing poem.   One gets a feeling of the sadness, the pain, the helplessness, the fears and the tiredness of young men in the midst of a battlefield

      (b) Say what you think the subject matter is.

      I feel that the subject matter of this poem is the horror of war, and a warning to youths particularly, not to go to war, not to join the army.   I also feel the meaning of the poem is about the feeling of fear, loss, and panic during war, in particular during a gas attack.

      99 words(

  2. Looking at the first eight lines of the poem:

    a) Identify and list in note form three of the techniques used in these lines:

      Simile (O’Day et al, 2011, p.232) for example “like old beggars” – line one 1. (line 1)

      Alliteration (O’Day et al, 2011, p.231) for example “And towards our distant rest began to trudge” – line four. (line 4)

      Metaphor (O’Day et al, 2011, p.231) for example “Drunk with fatigue, deaf even to the hoots” – line seven. (line 7) (

    b) Comment in complete sentences on what the effects of the three techniques you have might be.

      The use of similes helps paint a picture in the reader’s mind of the horrors of war, and a night on the battlefield, surrounded by sounds of death. This example shows the aftermath of a gas attack.

      The use of alliteration helps emphasise certain words, ( increasing the effect of the words, thus building a more vivid picture.   This example emphasises the long journey to their base, and rest.

      The use of metaphors in this poem helps to explain the feelings of the soldier’s at that moment. In this example, the soldiers are not drunk on alcohol, but their tiredness is illustrated. (

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  3. Looking at the whole poem again:

    a) In no more than three...