X Mgt Ethics Reflection

Business Ethics Reflection
Emily Couture
August 7th, 2011
Allan Bardos

I work for Liberty Mutual Group in their customer response center. This is an inbound call center that provides service to existing Liberty Mutual customers for both home and automobile insurance. The call center employs about five hundred representatives, and is open from 7 am to 11 pm eastern standard time seven days per week. All of the representatives are licensed property and casualty agents and the company spends a great deal for training, and is very generous with its employees.
Training classes consist of approximately twenty people, and last twelve weeks. During this time the group in training becomes very close. After training is completed we all go to different supervisors, and do not see each other very much.
About six months after our training class was completed I bumped into a woman to whom I was pretty close in training. She was crying, and told me she was having some problems personally, and she had decided that she wanted to stay at home with her children. In order to stay at home she was planning to allow all of her metrics to fail so that she would be fire, but still provided with the eight week severance package that is customary. I was shocked, and disappointed.
Objectively metrics measure quality performance, and time management. When a representative intentionally allows these metrics to fail customers are impacted. When customers are impacted we receive lower customer satisfaction scores which affects everything from rewards like free lunches to our annual bonus. I was concern, and felt that I should report this conduct to my superiors.
I am not a religious person, but stealing is wrong, and against religious codes. By intentionally getting fired in effort to collect severance my friend was stealing. Even though she thought she was doing the right thing for her family her conduct was wrong.
Most people are raised with at least some degree of...