Xmgt 216 Business Ethics Reflection

Week 2 Assignment: Business Ethics Reflection

Facing an ethical issue in the workplace is common among any person working. People have different thoughts of how they should be treated when working for an organization, and managers and supervisors have different thoughts of how they should handle situations within the organization. Expectations and production demands can cause conflict within any organization.

The company I am currently working for is currently working towards bettering the business ethics within the organization, but when I first started working with the company, the business ethics was the worst I have ever seen within an organization. I had a couple of instances while working there, and because I complained of the issues, I became a problem associate.

There was a day when I was working in the packaging section of the plant, my job for the day was to fold boxes and put paper inserts in each box. This job allowed me to sit in a chair while I was folding each tiny box. While I was working, someone asked me a question about the job I was performing, as I began to answer the persons question, the supervisor kicked the back of my chair, and told me to shut-up. Another issue I had with this same supervisor is when I had to make a correction on my paperwork. Paperwork for this company must be exact because the Food and Drug Administration monitors all of the paperwork we do. I made a mistake on the paper, the supervisor approached me to ask me to make the proper correction on the paperwork, and I smiled and said no problem. He looked at me and said “did I tell you to smile, take that smile off your face, there is nothing to smile about.” I was instantly upset, and I decided that it was time to rotate into another department. I made a complaint to the human resource manager, and I told him that I refuse to be treated with no dignity. The supervisor fought to keep me in his department, but eventually I was rotated into a new department which...