Wwu Socialization

Joshua Parada
Group Project Paper

Language is a huge part of any culture. Almost any place you go has its own language, dialect and form of speech. So, what is language? How did it come to be? We speak our language and we even learn new languages from other countries and places. However, have we taken the time to find out where it came from?
Many animals and even plants are born, more biologically inherited with the ability to communicate with their own species as soon as they are born. We human however are not, we have to learn this unique symbolic communication system. A word could be one sound or even more than one that have a meaning depending on the language. Some of these words can be so powerful that it could change a life forever; it could make someone give their life, or take a life for someone. There are many different ways of language too you could go to many different places and find dialects or also pidgin. This intreging form of language is used by the natives in a country who do not know how to speak the language of the ‘modernized’ culture. Therefore they use a combined language that involves words from different countries consequently making it into one language. There are also organization languages such as companies, colleges, and hospitals. All these places always have certain words that, if you have never been there, you would never know what they talk about.
On October 2, our government launched a secret mission to invade the United States of America. One of the most vital points that they needed, to build a command center, was in Washington, College Place. They needed the best of the best so they sent us, Black Forest. Our headquarters are situated off the south end of Russia. We are highly trained specialized agents in the art of war. The Government sent us Walla Walla University to learn things about the college so that they would feel comfortable being there. When we first got here there was confusion because if the...