Writing Project

1) Different aspects of writing a research report
A research report is a precise presentation of work done by researcher.

There are three major components of writing research report

Beginning | Main body | End |
    * Cover page   * Acknowledgement   * Contents   * List of tables   * List of figures   * Glossary |     * Introduction   * Review of literature   * Design of study   * Analysis & interpretation of data.   * Main findings & conclusions   * Summery |     * Bibliography & references.   * Appendices |

A) Beginning
The beginning of a report is crucial to the entire frame work. This contains the following items

a.1) Cover page
Coverage page is beginning of report. It includes the following items
  * Title of topic
  * Name of researcher
  * Name of supervisor
  * Name of institution
  * Date of submission.\
a.2) Preface or/and acknowledgement
Preface shall contains why the topic is selected. It also includes brief history, scope, methodology and researcher`s opinion.
a.3) list of contents
It indicates logical divisions of report in the form of sections and subsections.
a.4) list of tables
It contains title of table, table number and table page number.
a.5) list of figures
It contains various figures with titles and numbers.
a.6) Glossary
Glossary is a small dictionary explaining technical terms and phrases.

B) Main body
The main body of the report represents actual work done by researcher. It comprises of the following items

b.1) Introduction
It is the first chapter of research report. It introduces topic or problem under investigation
b.2) Review of literature
It is a second chapter and it deaths with review of important literature.
b.3) Design of study
It is a third chapter which describes design aspects of study of research
b.4) Analysis & interpretation of data
It is a fourth chapter which is a heart of the report. It describes about outcome of research study.
b.5) Main findings &...