Challenges That May Arise When Writing a Persuasive Essay

Three challenges that may arise when writing a persuasive essay are making a plan, writing a draft, and revising the draft. While making a draft they should always consider how they can organize their ideas effectively for the readers. They can arrange your ideas and make an outline to organize your ideas effectively (Chapter 7).   Doing so will allow the readers to understand what point they are trying to deliver the point across without any doubt or confusion.   Writing a draft can help show the readers what they mean. In their draft it should include an introduction that is catchy and that will interest your readers, have a strong and solid conclusion, and it should also have a strong solid title (Chapter 8). During the revising process of their draft they should think of ways to make their draft clearer or more convincing to the readers. This could be done by looking for ideas that does not fit, looking for ideas that could use more detailed support, and connecting ideas with transitional words and sentences (Chapter 9). One more challenge that might arise when writing a persuasive essay is editing. Editing a paper will allow them to ask themselves what errors could confuse their readers and weaken their point. This process can also help me find and correct errors in grammar (Chapters 22–33), look for errors in word use (Chapters 34–35), spelling (Chapter 36), and punctuation and capitalization (Chapters 37–41).

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The strategies I will use to overcome making a draft is use my time wisely. Doing this I will be able to have a set block of time to work on the paper or essay and will not be able to wait until the last minute. I will also write down any ideas that pop up in my head. So I will not forget what it was and is that could be a useful and helpful idea to use in my paper while writing it. Another strategy I could use is to make a...