Writing for the First Time

This essay is originally publish on Medium.

After spending 16 years attending classes and tuition inside and outside school, obviously this is not the first time I’m writing. I’ve written essays, stories, articles and compositions, paragraph after paragraphs for exams and/or assignments merely to get higher marks and better grades. So that I could impress people, get a scholarship, get into a good college and then get an awesome job and live my life happily ever after. But no, now I’m not writing for grades, I’m writing simply because I want to.

This is the first time I’m writing something to be published in the internet for the whole world to see. Of course neglecting those emo statuses I’ve posted when I was 16. This is the first time I’m sharing my thoughts with anyone that may or may not be interested through my written words, which I believe is less effective than me talking in front of you(Obviously?). To me, talking is easier and is able to express more than words with the aid of eye contacts, body language, tone and etc. I’m not trying to say that written words can’t do that. It’s just that I’m still far from that level. I’ve read fantastic works that could move me to tears or make my heart race. That level of expression is what I want to achieve.

My 2016 commitment which my friend and I had set together has led me here. Among the commitments, one is written as follows — One month one Medium article. Which means I have to write something each month to be published on Medium. When we’ve decided on that, my spirit is so worked up. I start thinking about all the good articles/stories I’ve read and thought I would definitely write something cool, something big, something with profound meaning. Since then I’m contemplating about life, about the world, about how things work and how I’m going to write an awesome piece of article. I started with an idea about happiness and how people take things for granted and all, but my mind is all over the place. My...