My Experience of Using English for the First Time

My Experience of using English for the First time
    Language is the most important means of communication. Without language it’s quite impossible for anyone to express one’s thoughts and feelings properly. The first time I came to the United States, I faced a lot of trouble of communication due to lack of knowledge of English. I’m from Saudi Arabia and my mother tongue is Arabic. But when I came here to the United States of America, I had to use English as the main form of communication. It was really difficult for me to use English for some reasons. They are, the English was far different from the way I expected it to be. The native speakers spoke it very fast, I had strong accent and everything I wanted to say, I had to translate it in my mind then say it. It took some time to do so.
    First of all, the native speakers of English in America speaks English pretty fast. And their accent and style of speaking is different from the English that I learned. Sometimes they spoke so fast that I often found it really difficult to understand what the speaker is saying. Then comes the phrases. I often found it difficult to understand the phrases used by the native speakers. I often couldn’t understand the context and things that they were speaking about. However, gradually I became familiar with the accent and styles. The longer I stayed here and knew about different things, it started to become easy for me to understand different contexts.
    The second thing that bothered me while I had to use English was my strong accent. Arabic has a very strong accent and the pronunciations of the Arabic words are quite different from the words in english. In Arabic, special emphasis is put on certain alphabets while speaking. And while speaking English for the first time, I faced a huge problem. My Arabic accent and habit of pronouncing started to come. For example, I put an extra emphasis of the pronunciation of “r” in words. At first, people could hardly understand what I...