Worldwide Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts of Directed Energy Weapons Market Upto 2020

The rising demand for high precision weapons which can facilitate the armed troops during warfare and also reduce collateral damage, thereby preventing loss of civilian lives is driving the market for directed energy weapons (DEWs) globally. The increasing demand for weaponry for crowd control, prevention of insurgency and support anti-terrorism operations are other factors influencing the growth of the global directed energy weapons market. Moreover, the directed energy weapons are capable of preventing missile attacks by tracking, targeting and destroying the missiles effectively from a significantly safe distance. Increasing research and development initiatives undertaken by various government and non-government organizations worldwide is expected to boost the market for directed energy weapons globally during the forecast period.

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The directed energy weapons market has been segmented on the basis of technology which includes high energy lasers, high power microwaves and particle beams. These weapons can be deployed through various platforms by the armed forces. Based on deployment, the market for directed energy weapons can be segmented into airborne, land based, and naval. Additionally, the market can also be segmented based on the weapon types which include the lethal DEWs and non-lethal DEWs.

Demand for high energy lasers is increasing globally at a very rapid pace owing to their low cost per shot while combating insurgency, anti-terrorist operations and other asymmetric warfare. Moreover, directed energy weapons acts as less expensive alternatives to conventional counter ballistic and anti-cruise missile systems. Owing to which, the key players in this market is heavily investing in research and development initiatives to develop associated DEW prototypes and products.

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