World War 2

Paper Seven
Relate America’s Involvement in World War Two
Perry Clarke

        The events in Europe leading up to World War II were very key. The war-ravaged countries Europe borrowed enormous amount from American bankers to rebuild their economies. Germany alone absorbed more than $ 3 billion in American investments during the decade. In 1919 Versailles Treaty leaves Germany powerless. Democracy is attempted in Germany under the Weimar Republic.   Kaiser Wilhelm flees to Holland. A year later, Adolf Hitler forms N.S.D.A.P. or German Worker’s Party. Its leader forms the political ideology of National Socialism or Nazism. Severe economic Depression grips Europe. Hyperinflation devalues German Mark. Hitler sent to jailed for treason and he writes first book called “MEIN KAMPF” (My Struggle) while in Landsberg Prison. Nazis make a strong showing in Parliamentary elections. They gain a near majority in the German Reichstag, Nazis gain popularity among the people and became a way of life. Hitler appointed chancellor by the aging President Von Hindenburg. The Enabling Act was passed by the Reichstag making him total ruler of Germany (rule by decree).Rearmament begins against restrictions of the Versailles Treaty. Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland without opposition. Blitzkrieg it tested in Spanish Civil War and Gen. Francisco Franco becomes Fascist dictator of Spain. Austria is soon annexed by Germany. All opposition is silenced, including the assassination of the prime minister. The Munich conference gives Hitler the Sudetenland and Chamberlain declares we have peace in our time. Czechoslovakia falls to Germany and hen the Invasion of Poland by Germany & USSR starts. Asia problem was with Japan trying to take over there country. Open conflict between the CPC and KMT commences in China. This continues until the 1937 invasion by Japan, but even then there remains a clandestine battle between the two.
        The Sino-Soviet conflict over the Manchurian...