Women in History

"The history of women is the history of the continued and universal oppression of one sex by the other."
Women had been oppressed but through the years they gained more rights and are able to do many things men can do.
These rights may have come slowly but women are finally being treated equal as men. This quote is true from the
beggining of our time, to hunters and gatherers to the greeks and romans. Even now in the 21st century women are
trying to get more rights.Although it may be unnoticed, but many important historical events had women who contributed
their hard work and support to help changes happen.This just shows how much value women have since their accoplishements
are always kept in the shadows. Women were always treated badly because men thought they were superior. It may be
astounding but in some cultures the underpriveledged women had more rights than the wealthy.
About 15 to 200 thousand years, all human beings were hunters and gatherers. Basically men hunt animals while the
women gather fruits and plants.Even though 75-80% of the food they eat are fruits/plants, men are much more rewarded since
apparently hunting was a much harder and manly task. Eventually Hunters and Gatherers made a transition to agriculture.
Since farming was a more stable source of food more men helped in farming, while the woman cooked.
As the years progressed women gained more rights.Summerian women were free to buy, sell, and
attend legal matters for absent(rephrase)men. They were also able to own property, borrow, lend and engage in business.
High status women could even learn to read and write and were given considerable administrative authority(rewrite). Women
were not considered equal with men in Mesopotamia, but they were respected and given considerably more
power.Physically stronger than women, men could rule women by brute force, and in societies where men were
the warriors it was they who got together and made decisions for their...