With Reference to the Way Steinbeck Presents Curley's Wife, Show How Far You Would Agree She Is a Dangerous Character.

Q: With reference to the way Steinbeck presents Curley's wife, show how far you would agree she is a dangerous character.

A: Curley's wife, in the novella 'Of Mice And Men' is a major character in terms of the plot. She is one of the only three women mentioned in the book alongside with Lennie's dead Aunt Clara; whom we know very little about, as she is only mentioned by George several times when he is talking about his past. She is also referred   to briefly in the last section as a figment of Lennie's imagination. The only other woman mentioned in 'Of Mice and Men' is 'Susie'. Susie owns the local cathouse and is well respected by the other ranch workers. Both of these women are portrayed within the novel positively and in a good light as well as being spoken highly of when mentioned. However this is not the case for Curley's wife as she is regarded as a 'tart' and 'jail bait' and so is received as dangerous and troublesome to the reader. Throughout the novella there are many words and phrases used by Steinbeck to describe his perception of Curley's wife as a character and in this piece of writing I will analyse how he presents her and show how far I agree that she is a dangerous character.
On George and Lennie entering the ranch for the first time, they are greeted by Candy who later on in the section tells the two men of the bosses son 'Curley' and his recent marriage. Candy talks of his new wife and her obvious coy personality by saying 'she gave slim the eye' and how she had just arrived and 'got the eye.' These phrases reflect Curley's wife's attitude and loyalty to her husband and also shows her complete disregard to the vows she has made.
In the same section on the mention of Curley, Candy tells George and Lennie that Curley is 'pretty handy'. This is Candy's way of saying Curley is a good fighter and good with his fists. It is only after this that Candy tells George and Lennie of his wife's flirtatious ways. The juxtapositioning between the two...