Learning Styles and How They Affect Your Academic and Professional Success

Learning styles and the effect that they have on academics
Cynthia K Erney
Gen 200
July 26, 2010
Alissa Hopkins

Learning styles and the effects that they have on academic achievements

The purpose of this paper is to share the knowledge that I have gained about learning styles and how they can affect academics.   The topics that I have chosen to elaborate on will reflect on my own results from the pathway to learning and the personality spectrum assessments.   Knowing your learning styles is important for both the instructor and the student because learning styles are a way that the mind receives and processes information.   Learning styles decide which strategies work best for your learning experience.
      The personality spectrum consists of four personalities, which are organizer, giver, thinker, and adventurer.
The organizers spectrum focuses on neatness, organization, loyalty, paying attention to detail and completing tasks on time.   Whereas, the characteristics of the giver spectrum focuses on honesty, acquiring success, keeping an open mind, communicating well with others
and wanting to make a difference in the world.   The first thing that I noticed about these two spectrums is how they seem to complement each other and are similar in characteristics.   The way these personality spectrums may affect academic achievements is through possessing organizational skills I will be able to stay on top on my assignments easier.   I...