I was thrilled within the first sentence of award letter to learn that I had been selected for this great honor.   I’m greatly appreciative of our support and kindness. This scholarship will lessen the financial burden on my family and has placed me one step closer in achieving my goals and dreams.
Since I was a young girl, I’ve had the ambitions to one day to become a veterinarian with my own practice. But my parents told me that my dream would take hard work, determination, and lots of money to pay for college. That is why I’ve have pushed myself to do my best in school and never give up, even at my lowest points.  
With high school coming to an end, I’m preparing for the fall where I plan on attending Texas State University- San Marcos.   Where I will enter the College of Applied Arts and major in Animal Science.   I would enter the Pre-Veterinary Program at Texas State University and after I graduate with a bachelor’s degree I plan on entering Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and obtaining a DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine). Once I’m completely finished with school, I would like to open up my own veterinary practice and help as many animals as possible during my time.  
Thank you for taking the opportunity to believe in a small town girl’s dreams and goals.   I’m deeply appreciative of your generosity and your confidence in me.   Thank you once again, Mr. Osborn!