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Indian Institute of Banking & Finance JAIIB Updated Syllabus Principles and Practices of Banking Module No Module A Name of the module Indian Financial System Name of the Unit in the module Indian Financial System – An Overview Banking Regulation Contents Role of RBI, Commercial Banks, NBFCs, PDs, FIs, Cooperative Banks, CRR, SLR; Equity & Debt Market; IRDA Constitution, Objectives, Functions of RBI; Tools of Monetary Control; Regulatory Restrictions on Lending Retail Banking- Products, Opportunities; Wholesale Banking, Products; International Banking, Requirements of Importers & Exporters, Remittance Services; Universal Banking; ADRs; GDRs; Participatory Notes Types of Money & Debt Market Instruments incl. G-Secs; ADs, FEMA, LIBOR, MIBOR, etc

Retail Banking, Wholesale and International Banking Role Of Money Markets, Debt Markets & Forex Market Role and Functions of Capital Markets, SEBI

Module B

Functions of Banks

Mutual Funds & Insurance Companies, Bancassurance & IRDA Factoring, Forfaiting Services and Off-Balance Sheet items Risk Management, Basel Accords CIBIL, Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection, BCSBI Recent Developments in the Financial System Banker Customer Relationship KYC/ AML / CFT norms Bankers’ Special Relationship Consumer Protection -

Overview of Capital Market; Stock Exchange; Commonly used Terms; Types of Capital Issues; Financial Products/Instruments including ASBA, QIP; SEBI; Registration of Stock Brokers, Subbrokers, Share Transfer Agents, etc; QIBs; Types of Mutual Funds, its Management & its Role; Role & Functions of Insurance Companies; Bancassurance; IRDA

Types & advantages of Factoring & forfaiting services; Types of off balance sheet items

Introduction to Risk Management; Basel I, II & III Accords Role and Functions of CIBIL; Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection; Codes of BCSBI

Structure, Reforms in the Indian Financial System; recent developments in Money, Debt, Forex Markets; Regulatory Framework;...