Rural India

“Last week, you told me that we should have a website of our agency. I could not look at it so far because; I was busy with the product launch of our client Aurati Ltd. Meanwhile, I have downloaded the web copy of ‘Rural 8’ for your perusal”. Saying this, Dr. Srinivas handed over the copy to Mrs. Rukmini, his business partner.
Dr. Srinivas and Mrs. Rukmini together founded ‘Rural Find’ in 1980 at a time when very few corporate enterprises were interested in rural selling. During the last decade of their operations, Rural find built up a rich database and served corporate major like Colgate, HLL, Dabur India, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Britannia. They have ten fully equipped video vans that go into rural interiors to do selling, advertising and relationship building. They have ten drivers and ten technicians to go with the vans. Their main strength is their young team of eight creative personnel who have to their credit outstanding achievements in advertising, research and merchandising.
Mrs. Rukmini, after a brief consideration of the copy said:”I find this copy interesting; the agency is much similar to ours. However, we need differentiation. Why don’t you put the MBA project student on this job?”
Dr. Srinivas, accordingly, summoned the MBA Project student and assigned him the work of preparing website copy. He gave him the ‘Rural 8” copy (Exhibit – I) and instructed him to work independently making decisions on the type of information to be included, the size of text, the style of presentation, the background, pictures, colors and borders, etc.
Exhibit- I
Rural India-the new El Dorado for marketers, who intended to stay ahead of competition. The potential is limitless for those who get in early, and those who do not, do so at their own peril. Rural India is Rural 8 territory. Get on our bandwagon, and establish your own niche, many have already done it.
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