Will Bury

Will Bury Price Elasticity
With today’s economy Will Bury has created a business plan that has been determined on the customer’s needs and strategically promote and market the benefits of his invention. Increasing revenue has to the first focus within the business judgment and concentrate on broad marketing initiatives. Since starting the company it has been a ramping-up stage. Therefore, a product has to be put into place to grow within the market, developing new values to offer the market world.
The value has to relate directly to the core business or value that can take the business to a new level. To increase the revenue requires researching and developing is the success for the future of the company. The business will have to consist of accelerating, maturation, and increasing demand by increasing consumption per existing consumption and market penetration to accelerate the rate of adoption. It is important for the marketing and sales team identifies what the customer’s needs and create innovative solutions that can also meet the needs of the customers. Increasing the value of the products and services that the company will provide allows the organization will strategically have to grow, this allows the business to increase the revenue and market shares.
When price changes, it can have a direct effect on business revenue. With the type of business Will Bury’s has audio book business, changes in any aspect of the business or the cost structure such as cost of production that could go up or down, hiring new employees, substitution of products, various fees that can be by production or changes in the market can alter the cost and revenue structure.
With the cost of production for this type of product growing higher, this could easily cause the cost of the product it be passed along to the consumers. The goal will be to hire someone to assign the digitizer, Mr. Bury has to keep in mind that hiring an employee could have a negative effect on the profits...