Will Bury's Price Elasticity

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Will Bury's Price Elasticity

University of Phoenix


Kimberly Hlaing

September 16, 2010

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Business Proposal

  With the current economy, Will Bury will have to create a business plan based on the customer's needs and strategically promote and market the benefits of his invention.

Increase Revenue
    In order to increase revenue, Will Bury must first focus on the business acumen and
concentrate on broad marketing initiatives. Since Will Bury Enterprises is in the "ramping-
up" stage, he must establish his product in order to grow in the market by developing new value
to offer to the market. The value that relates directly to the core business or value which will take
Will Bury Enterprises into new business. To increase revenue the research and development is
the key for the future of Will Bury's Enterprise. The business will have to consist of accelerating
maturation, increasing demand by increasing consumption per existing user share of existing
consumption and market penetration to accelerate the rate of adoption. It is crucial that the
marketing and sales team identify the customers' needs and create innovative solutions to benefit
their customers. By increasing the value of the products and services that Will Bury Enterprises
provides, the organization will strategically grow business resulting in increased revenue and
market share.

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Production Levels

    Since Will Bury Enterprise is a new business, the production levels have to be established.
Since the production planning typically begins with an updated forecast covering the next 6 to 8
months. Any desired increase or decrease in...